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JAN 1 2017

Happy New Year everyone!


What better way to kick it off with some tips for planning your day-to-remember!?


There are 4 main points to consider when planning your big day.


Step 1: Creating A Plan


This may sound stressful, but remember - relax! This is going to be the best day of your lives and your approach should also reflect this. Sit down with a coffee, relax and brainstorm! Try to come up with something unique, different and special. Something to stand out from all the other weddings you and your guests have been to. Write down as many ideas as you can and remember, there are no silly ideas!


Step 2: Set A Budget


Now, we all know that weddings are expensive, but they can often be done on a smaller budget than thought. There's nothing wrong with getting married on off-peak times so you could perhaps find the band or venue of your dreams! Make sure the budget is realistic though, so you can fulfil your expectations on the day.


Step 3: Set A Date


Step 2 and 3 could be interchangeable but I have purposefully placed them in this order as the date could affect your desired bandvenue's availability. You could source the dates that your intended band/venue has available and work your wedding date around that cost. 


Step 4: Finalize The Venue


There are a few important things to consider when deciding this. You want to have a place that is local enough for your family and friends to reach, will suit your wedding thing and is able to accommodate a band/DJ. The main thing to think about with bands is is there enough space? It may affect whether you go for a 5,4 or 3 piece line-up - of which Vinyl Beats can cover. Secondly, is there a 'noise-limiter'/decibel limiter? This is a question you should ask your venue as it may affect the level at which a band can play. If it is too quiet, your guests may not be able to enjoy the party/gig/club atmosphere they might expect from a wedding reception. Vinyl Beats Trio are suited to cater for such venues.


Step 5: Finalize Your Entertainment

You might be thinking "Oh no! Our wedding is in the summer and we haven't even sorted our entertainment out yet!"

Well, don't worry - to secure the band of your dreams, you may often find them available with 4-6 months to go before the big day! Sure, booking a year in advance would better ensure this but you can still find a great band within a smaller time-frame. Don't be afraid to ask for a discount (especially if it is the band's 'off season') as the band, more often than not, would prefer to have that date filled!


If you're looking for a band for your big day/party, feel free to give our agent, Nick, a call on 0845 226 3177/+44 (0) 1782 383 548 or send an email to vinylbeats@alivenetwork.com to see what Vinyl Beats can offer.